Serving South Ridge 1 to 1 Technology Online Fundraiser

South Ridge Elementary strives to have 1 to 1 technology, meaning that there is a tech device available for each student at the school. Students use these devices for accessing learning apps, creating documents and presentations, testing, and independent research, just to name a few.

At the end of the 2016 – 2017 school year we had just about achieved that goal. Unfortunately, over the summer when the district wide updates for the devices were applied, many of our devices would not accept the updates because of their age. When devices won’t accept the updates, some programs may not run properly and eventually the device becomes obsolete.

The South Ridge Elementary PTCO (parent teacher community organization) is a chapter of the Foundation for Douglas County Schools. It is a parent-run organization that supports the students and teachers through fundraising, community building events, and parent volunteering. Using funds from past fund raisers, the PTCO was able to purchase 25 new devices this year. In order to reach our 1 to 1 goal, we are still short about 50 devices. We also are aware that come summer, when the updates get pushed again, we may very well have more devices that “age out”.

Let’s get South Ridge back up to the 1 to 1 technology and go above and beyond to have additional funds available for next year’s potential technology needs also. We need a minimum of $19,000 to reach our goal.

How do we do this? Easy! Just share this link with all of your friends, co-workers, out of town relatives, businesses and anyone else you can think of! It’s super easy to just click and donate. Every little bit counts and every donation is tax deductible.

Go check it out here:

Thank you for supporting our school!

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